Residential Management Services

Residential property at Scott Real Estate is managed by your designated fully Licensed Estate Agent - an individual management specialist. Having a thorough understanding of each property and continuity with property management care is a high priority to ensure that great decisions are made at every step of the property management process to maximise value. Services offered include:

  • Market appraisal
  • Property leasing
  • Property marketing 
  • Property inspections & reports
  • Tenancy reference checking & selection
  • Document preparation in accordance with relevant legislation
  • Property maintenance 
  • Market/ rental reviews
  • Property financial reporting
  • Property preparation consultation service - maximise return



Some things we do that help our team achieve great results!
Shhh .... We cant share everything online because we need to remain competitive, but meet with us and we can share more with you :)

Quality Service - based on Qualifications & Experience
Scott Real Estate offers a specialist Property Management Service under a business model of folio management. This means, unlike many offices, here at Scott Real Estate you will work with Certified Licensed Estate Agents Marcus or Melissa, your own manager for all your property needs. As Certified Estate Agents Marcus and Melissa have a wealth of experience and knowledge that surpasses the industry basic requirements of a sub agency licence. Further to being fully Licensed Estate Agents, Melissa Wittig is also a qualified Interior Designer, a unique blend of Estate Agency and Design skills that further enhance our position to assist clients in protecting, maintaining or improving property assets.

Management Systems
Scott Real Estate Management Services utilise effective systems, procedures and the latest in property management software. Clients are provided with updates at every stage of the management cycle including property inspection reports for reference.

Property Maintenance
Subject to your instructions we will always notify you of issues relating to maintenance and repairs where possible. We do not approve any non urgent repairs without your approval. In instances where works classed as urgent repairs are reported to us, we will act strictly in accordance with your written instructions and the relevant legislation if you can not be contacted. Decisions associated with maintenance and potential improvements to a property require accurate information from experienced trades people. We have a team of experienced trades people to facilitate maintenance/works needs.


Financial Administration
Rental is collected monthly in advance and administered according to your instructions. Statements can be emailed, mailed or viewed online according to your needs. Collected rental funds are transferred into your nominated account. Should an occasion arise where a payment may not have been received, we will keep you informed of all communications with tenants. Payments for property expenses such as Owners Corporation fees, council rates, water rates, gardening etc can be directly debited from your rental funds and outlined on your monthly statements with your approval.


Rent Reviews
At Scott Real Estate we like to undertake rental reviews annually, to ensure that your asset is achieving the best possible return. We consider all relevant information during the rental review process, such as lease term, economic and market conditions, and quality of your existing tenant. Our approach to management is dedicated personal service. Call in to see us or give us a call to chat about your property. We customise our services to suit you – just one of the many reasons you will enjoy working with Scott Real Estate.


Tenancy Management
We understand that the way we conduct ourselves representing clients can have a significant impact on outcomes for assets and relationships. We value positive relationships with landlords and tenants. Management processes & systems aim to outline expectations and obligations of parties to avoid misunderstandings, develop great relationships and achieve positive outcomes for all involved in the tenancy process. 


Questions And Answers

My property is currently with another agent how do I change agents?

Changing Agents is not a difficult task and contrary to what many people believe there is no exclusive period for ongoing management of a residential property in Victoria. A Management Authority does not obligate you to remain with your existing agent, nor does it obligate you to remain with them until the end of the current lease.

If you are not satisfied with your current management service and you wish to transfer your property to Scott Real Estate, we make this simple to do, with no transfer fees applicable. Once you have provided us with a signed Leasing/Managing Authority we can act on your behalf to contact the current agent, collect all documentation and keys and advise your tenant of the transfer.

How will my rental property be marketed to potential tenants?

We provide internet advertising on up to 8 Australian property websites. Your property will also be listed on the Scott Real Estate website search database. We also offer a board service, ideal for properties in high traffic locations to maximise enquiry. Our office uses an App to capture the details of all tenants viewing our properties, we can also use this information to communicate changes to listings to active perspective tenants.

Does the tenant pay a Bond?

Yes, the Bond (security deposit) is payable by the tenant prior to the commencement of tenancy. The amount of bond is usually equal to one months rent, however where the rental per week exceeds $350 per week and/or the property is the owners principle place of residence the Residential Tenancies Act does allow for a higher amount to be requested/held at your request.

Can you pay property outgoings (water rates, council rates etc) on my behalf?

Yes, accounts can be directed to and payments can be deducted from the rental collected monthly. These expenses will then be noted on your monthly statement that can be used for taxation purposes.

What type of Insurances do I need for my investment property?

Adequate building insurance is a necessity to protect your investment should an unforeseen circumstance damage the building. We recommend our clients consider Landlord Insurance as these policies can cover for unforeseen accidents and events relating to the premises, tenants and potential vacancy expenses. Companies that offer such Insurances which you may like to explore are Terri Scheer and EBM Insurance

What Management fees do you charge?

Each clients property is unique, service fees can vary. 
Property is one of the biggest financial investments you will ever make. Choosing the right property manager can be the difference between disaster and success. As an added bonus in Australia, residential management fees are tax deductible!  Call us to discuss your needs. 

Note - In Victoria a Property Manager can operate after ONLY hours of study from a short course. Marcus is a qualified fully Licensed Estate Agents with many years experience. 

How do I find out how much rental my property could achieve?

Scott Real Estate has solid local knowledge of achievable rentals along with access to current rental data on properties throughout Melbourne. Complete the request below for a rental appraisal or call Melissa on (03) 9817 6151 for a no obligation chat.


5 Things
We KNOW that make a difference to property success outcomes when choosing a Property Manager!

(inside industry tips for you)

  • Individual managers experience & qualification level
  • Managers remuneration model within the office 
  • Property task needs & staff/manager role allocation 
  • Manager/Portfolio demand stack   
  • Understanding that relationships impact results


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