Client Referral Program

We VALUE client referrals & your property can benefit!


Are you an existing client and know someone who is looking for a skilled, proactive property management specialist?

Are you an existing client and have another property that requires a professional, specialist property manager?


3 months free



To show our appreciation for client loyalty and reward you for sharing our services with your friends and colleagues, Scott Real Estate offers a client referral reward.

Residential Client Referral Reward Program

The Client Referral Reward Program provides clients with an opportunity to have a residential property managed for FREE for 3 months !

As an existing client, when you refer a new residential property management client or transfer a property to Scott Real Estate you will receive 3 months of management services for FREE!

This reward program also applies to an existing residential management client who would like to refer a new commercial management client or transfer a commercial property for Scott Real Estate management services, the 3 months free residential management referral reward will also remain applicable.  


Terms & Conditions

  • Reward program only applicable to existing clients 
  • The property that receives the 3 months free management (commission) fees is the referring clients residential property with the lowest monthly collected rental currently managed by Scott Real Estate.
  • The 3 months free management (commission) fees excludes any letting fees for new tenants, advertising costs or/and all third party costs that arise during the discount term.
  • The management fee discount granted is for the period of 3 calendar months only.
  • The 3 months free management commission commences on the 4th month that the referred property or new clients property is managed by Scott Real Estate. 
  • WE look forward to rewarding you!


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